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Many fitness studios are struggling to keep pace in the pandemic.

Not Rinse Cycle in Dayton. 

Rinse Cycle is one of Rooted Creative’s clients that approached us with an idea on how to grow their business despite its doors being closed. How did they do it? We're letting you in on the process – and booking free strategy sessions – so your center will be ready to rock, whether your doors are open or closed.

Some background: Rinse is an indoor cycle studio located in Dayton, Ohio. They're rad. A few weeks ago, Rinse's founder, Kari, hit us up for a little help to throw virtual classes that connected with her clients. She had the idea to rent her studio's cycles out to her clients and take her intense workouts online. 

You’ve just stumbled upon the ultimate guide to creating a virtual workout course that seriously sells. And even as our gyms and fitness studios start getting back to normal, going virtual is a good idea. Why not pivot and find a new stream of revenue? Here's how we helped Kari take her idea and turn it into a (money-making) reality.

"Rooted has captured our brand in a really powerful way every time we have used them; there is absolutely no question. ... Stop thinking and just hire them. Rooted genuinely cares about the product they are delivering: it’s personal, it has passion, and it’s clearly purposeful. "

Kari Carpener // Rinse Cycle


In the post-pandemic world, gyms may see a boom, or they could look barren. But the reality won’t change — people still want to work out. And here’s the other reality — your fitness business doesn’t have to play by the old rules. The fitness world drew a line in the sand: gyms are for in-person workouts, the online stuff is for startups. Moving forward, working out could look different, especially if social distancing becomes the social norm. 


That line in the sand? Erase it. You have a physical location, sure. But business can be done outside of that. Rinse made a strong pivot toward online classes, intentionally blurring the line because of the pandemic. And because she’s a really smart business owner. But even when the Rinse doors re-open, Kari is still planning on hosting virtual classes. Don’t let your studio’s physical address define you. Start looking at your website address, your social media profiles and other platforms as your new place of business. 


Rinse saw an opportunity and moved quicker than its competitors. Its bikes were sitting empty in the studio. Rinse's clients still wanted to work out. So, Kari rented out their state-of-the-art bikes, and delivered them straight to her members. Rinse could have waited to see what other studios in the area were doing. Instead, they blazed a trail and found a new source of revenue. That’s where Rooted came in. 


Your gym or studio is more than a class. It’s an environment. An emotion. An experience. Rooted helped Rinse bring that same experience to its online classes. Best part? It doesn’t take a ton of work. We helped Rinse find the right lighting, video equipment, and platform to take their classes virtual. If online classes are in your future, it’s important to help clients get into the right mind space. That starts by expertly recreating your own classes, down to the lighting, encouragement and energy. 


How do you do that? Well, it’s not one-size-fits-all. Depending on the class you’re looking to deliver, your needs may change. You might need a different type of camera, or different lighting. Your class might be best suited for a live social stream, or it could be syndicated into a premium fitness app. Making the right decisions here can determine what level of success you’ll have.

Sign up for a free strategy session, and Rooted will walk you through these decisions. Why are we doing this? Well, the fitness industry has helped Rooted Creative grow exponentially. We’ve worked with the likes of Nike, Major League Soccer, Adidas, Lululemon, Compex, BSN … the list goes on. We wanted to return the favor by lending out our experience to make sure the industry we work in most can continue to thrive.

This is our aim when it comes to fitness videography – to accurately replicate an experience to the point where the viewers get their hearts racing. Pumped up yet?

Ready to make your fitness center more pandemic-proof? 

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Michael Millay

Rooted Creative CEO

Here's why we're doing this:

We've been lucky enough to work with some of the top fitness and athletic brands in the country. From Nike and Major League Soccer to Adidas and Lululemon.

We've carved out a niche in helping big brands and small companies in this space build authentic relationships with their consumers. Inspired by our friends at Rinse, we want to help similar companies find their way during challenging times.

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