Lights. Camera. Rooted. 

It’s only natural that our knack for photography led us to pave the way to provide videographer services. Our video production started in Cincinnati, but client projects have now taken our production crew across the country. 

So, what sets Rooted Creative apart from other video production companies in Ohio? We won’t speak for them, but we will let our work speak for US. 

If that doesn’t leave you convinced, let’s dive into Rooted’s approach to videography. Ready? 

Visuals. We love them. We’re addicted to them. As a full-service creative agency, we know it’s about more than the visuals.

 We also have a unique take on videography as a whole. With a varied experience in all things creative, we understand the relationship between your video and other creative assets.

What’s that mean, you ask? A standard video company might give you a video that is great… as a video. But we know a video is more than 24 frames per second. A video is a tool for social marketing. A video is a TV spot. A video is a website background asset. A video is a YouTube ad. A video is a text message machine. A video is … you get the picture. 

Our holistic approach to video production is what sets us apart from other Cincinnati videographers. Couple that with our vast photography experience, and you’ll walk away with a video so crisp and clean, it’ll be like your business just went to the dry cleaners. 

With a varied experience in all things creative, we understand the relationship between your video and other creative assets.


Athletics aren’t Art, but we still consider our Sports videography an artform. From shooting games for FC Cincinnati to off-the-field activations for pro athletes in Cincinnati, Rooted covers it all.


You may think products are stationary, we think they should move you. Our approach to product videography is far from the norm. The average commercial video might look something like this: a white backdrop, studio lighting, and a hand model holding something.


When we ventured into corporate video, we took the tired script and shredded it. Corporate videography doesn’t have to be so… corporate. It should be inspiring and uplifting. Artistic and optimistic. Upbeat and adventurous.



Nothing gets us more pumped up then planning, shooting and editing fitness videos. As a creative agency, fitness videography gives us the opportunity to push our creative limits and deliver clients a video that exceeds their expectations.


So many companies say they have a brand, but do they have a story? Our brand videography is how we help local brands stick out in the sometimes crowded Cincinnati scene. 

Here’s the facts: It doesn’t take much to be a brand. Actually, it takes about nothing at all. But what separates brands that fail from brands that thrive might be their story.


Otherworldly. oth·er·world·ly – an adjective; resembling that of a world other than the actual world. Also – an adjective, describing Drone videos.

Trekking the corners of the globe comes with a huge fringe-benefit: beautiful, cinematic aerial video. At Rooted, we take a special sense of pride in creating breathtaking drone videos.