Otherworldly. oth·er·world·ly – an adjective; resembling that of a world other than the actual world. Also – an adjective, describing Drone videos. 

At Rooted Creative Agency, we take a special sense of pride in creating breathtaking drone videos. 

Trekking the corners of the globe comes with a huge fringe-benefit: beautiful, cinematic aerial video. 

Some of our drone video production showcases the beauties of Cincinnati and other parts of Ohio. Some of our other drone videos showcase amazing wonders of the world. 

 Whether it’s a destination wedding, the perfect golf course, or your new hot spot – Rooted can take you to places otherworldly. 

At Rooted Creative Agency, we know that drone videos can be the difference between good and great. We strive to capture the moment like no one else. Our team of highly skilled creatives can take your project from concept to completion with ease. 

We have the experience and skill set to take on any project no matter how big or small. So, contact us today and let Rooted Creative Agency craft a unique drone video that will capture your audience’s attention!

We get what you're thinking: 

What’s drone video production have to do with your company?

More than you might think. 

In the past, drone video was heavily used in real estate, agriculture, and other businesses that covered large areas of land. As drones have shrunk in size and grown in capabilities, the game has changed. Now,  businesses of all sizes can take advantage of drone video for marketing, promotions, and other uses. With the right equipment, an experienced team of professionals can help you capture stunning aerial footage from virtually any location.

And Rooted has been at the forefront of this exploration. Our drone video production services take your production to an actual whole new level.  Our team of aerial cinematography specialists use the latest drone technology to create breathtaking footage with minimal equipment, making it easy for our customers. We can even add post-production features like color grading and animation to make your video stand out. 

 Our time, care and expertise enable our team to capture high quality, 4K video in even tight spaces. 

And let's face it -- your customers expect to be delighted. They want to be entertained. They want to fall in love with your company. Over and over again. 

Sounds tough, right? 

You know What helps?

Otherworldly drone video.

What does Drone Video do for a company? 

Drone video is a great way to get an eye-catching view of your company from the sky! Here at Rooted Creative Agency, we can use drone video to help show off the beauty of your business so you can stand out among competitors and capture potential customers' attention. Whether it's for promotional materials or some other purpose, let us help you take flight and soar above the rest with our drone videography services!

How long does a Drone Video take to produce? 

Well, it depends.  If you're shooting at a single location, the shooting process typically takes a few hours. This includes setting up the drones and taking shots from multiple angles. However, if you are filming at different locations, it can take longer depending on travel time and setup times for each spot. Also, time to production depends on the editing that is needed.  Depending on the complexity of the video, editing can take from a few hours to a few weeks. 

Can I shoot the Drone Video myself? 

Sure. You could. Just like you could (in theory) produce, shoot and edit a commercial by yourself. But, that doesn't mean it would be professional quality. Our team has spent thousands of hours in the sky shooting Drone videos.  We understand the complexities of capturing drone footage, the legalities in shooting it, as well as editing it. We know how to turn your vision into a captivating video that you can use to promote your business or brand. 

Does a Drone better connect better than other types of videos? 

We're not gonna lie. There is something special about aeirial video.  The birds-eye view of the landscape, the ability to fly close-up and capture stunning visuals makes drone footage more captivating. Once you add our creative composition and music to your video, you have a powerful tool that can draw people in and communicate your message effectively. We understand that drone video can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you need to promote your business, show off the beauty of a certain area, or just create an awesome piece of art – we are here to help. With our team's expertise in shooting stunning Drone footage and crafting powerful stories through video, we will make sure your project stands out. 

How could my company use Drone video? 

The options are endless. One of the most impactful ways is using Drone video footage in the opening scenes. That's because  the footage can show a breathtaking, aerial view of the subject matter. Drones are also great for capturing unique perspectives that traditional cameras don’t offer and creating dynamic tracking shots to follow movement or action. Additionally, Drone video can be used to get stunning establishing shots of your location or business. We also leverage Drone footage for B-roll footage, which may get played while an interview subject is talking. Or,  if you need to capture a wide panorama of a landscape, Drone footage is incredibly efficient. No matter how you use it, Drone video can help your project soar. 

As video becomes more and more commonplace, viewers and consumers are yearning for visuals to pique their interest, catch their eye, and open their wallet. What helps? Otherworldly drone video.


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