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In 2020, Race Street Athletics started as simply a community of people looking to connect through physical fitness. In less than two years, what started as a pop up workout troupe has become a Cincinnati fitness staple, reaching thousands of people each year.

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More about Race street

What is Race Street Athletics? Weekly community workouts, races, workouts, and fitness competitions.

What is the mission? To inspire a healthy lifestyle filled with community, competition, and creativity. 

What is the vision? To create a fitness environment where athletes of all ages and capabilities feel welcomed, empowered and inspired.

What is the purpose? To love and serve our community while leaving a lasting impact.

What events do we host?

Race Street events are built to make people feel like an athlete again. If you haven’t felt like an athlete in years, our goal is to help you regain your fighting spirit and confidence. If you’re an elite athlete, you’ll be pushed to your limits.

We host pop-up workouts, weekly challenges, small-scale, and large-scale events. All of these are designed to show you the champion you truly are.

At our core, we are about community. Our events, whether you are competing alongside other athletes, volunteering as a coach to push and encourage participants, or simply there to watch and cheer people on, you will feel that spirit of camaraderie that we are all about.

We believe that with a village of people around you, anything is possible and that feeling resonates in each event we host.

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The Race Street Open is back! Click the link to find out more.