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Rooted Creative | Creative Agency in Cincinnati

We create experiences that inspire innovation and assist brands in connecting emotionally with consumers.

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Rooted Creative Agency started with a camera. Even as we've evolved to take on commercial branding campaigns and experiential marketing activations, we've stayed grounded in our own Roots – stunning visuals that give a brand life. 

Many on the Rooted team started on the other side of the camera. As athletes, performers and artists, we experience first-hand the emotions our subjects and clients feel. 

We know the rush. We know the sorrow. We know the thrill. That's why we capture it all unlike any other agency around. That's why our visuals pack a potent punch – photography is our DNA. 

Got some heavyweight photo needs? We'll knock it out.


Picture. Perfect. Picture. Perf ... 

Obsess much?
Maybe we do. 

The next generation was born with a smartphone in hand. From the Gram in the AM, to nighttime Netflix, your next batch of consumers will hit next if the screen doesn't sizzle. 

It's no secret humans obsessively consume video.That's why we obsess when we create it. Every angle and every pan. Every sequence and every sound.

Every picture ... will be perfect. 



A brand used to be just that – a brand. A product on the shelf. A service for sale. An inanimate object. You need it? You buy it. 

That's not enough for consumers. Nowadays, people want a relationship with the products they love, which is why brands need a soul and a story.

That's what we call a Rooted Experience – brand activations that deliver more than smiles and photo opps. A Rooted Experience gives your brand a personality, new fans and a vibe ad spend can't buy. 

Some brands are cool being a product on the shelf. Others want a brand their consumers will flock to. That's where Rooted Creative comes in.  

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Branding and Social Media Design


To stand out, brands need to be bold and daring. But, that doesn't always mean being the loudest, most talkative person in the room. 

No one likes that guy. 

Design isn't a set of words and visuals. It's a statement. And sometimes, the loudest statements can be quiet and bold. That's our approach to design – to make your brand hit home and resonate. 

Or, you could be that guy. 

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Not only do we pride ourselves on being a creative agency, but we are also a full-service media house and experiential marketing company all wrapped in one.

But we don't sell ourselves short when it comes to our clients' growth. 

We are dedicated to our work and pride ourselves on being a creative agency that won't take the easy route when it comes down to making sure our partners are happy. Our creative team is talented with diverse skillsets that allow us to tackle every creative project efficiently without breaking the bank. 

And thats what keeps us Rooted.

What is a creative agency?

A creative agency does it all when it comes to helping brands with their marketing, branding, and advertising needs. Here at Rooted, we spice up our creative agency through media production, as we specialize in photography, videography, and design. 

Who will my point of contact be at a creative agency?

The real question is, “who won’t be your point of contact at a creative agency”? As a collaborative team, we will bring all hands on deck to satisfy your needs. Our creative director will be your first point of contact and introduce you to the next leader in line as we identify what you want to accomplish.

What's the process with Rooted Creative agency like?

Everyone’s looking for something different in their brand's creative journey. So, with that being said, your process might look different than the last guy. Our team is focused on helping clients out every step of the way to deliver high quality content. We’ll be sure to set a realistic timeline to reach your brand's goals.

So, what do you need from me?

Brand materials, of course. If you have any inspiration from a youtube video, an advertisement, or maybe even a drawing you made on a napkin, that will help us in the content creation process. We’ll plan some content with anything you send our way. 

Where Is Rooted Creative Located?

Rooted Creative Agency is located at 1010 Race St in Cincinnati, OH. However, we have clients from all over the world. If you need product photos or videos, we can serve you at our Cincinnati studio location. But we can come with you anywhere in the world.