Looking for a photography company in Cincinnati? Look no further. Rooted Creative offers a full range of photography services – after all, Rooted Media House used to be what they called us. Even as we’ve made the shift to a full-scale Creative Agency, we started as a photography company in Cincinnati. 

Here’s a sampling of the different types of photography services that Rooted Creative offers:


Sports Photography – Cincinnati photographers that capture the thrill of victory, and the agony of (the other team’s) defeat. 


Product Photography – Traveling throughout Ohio and throughout the country, our product photography takes commercial photography to the next level in giving brands an image that breathes life. Oh, and helps your product sell. 


Looking for an editorial photography company in Cincinnati that tells a strong story to your readers? Oh, really? That’s us! We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies to bring them the best and brightest editorial photography. 


How does our fitness photography happen to capture motion in a still frame? That’s the Rooted difference. Our fitness photography services help fitness companies in Ohio and across the Midwest tell a story that inspires their customers to work on the best versions of themselves. 


Oh, the places we’ve gone. (Check the map!) Rooted’s journeys have taken us to all corners of the globe, capturing visuals for our clients and own projects.


 Like a birds-eye view, if the bird had cinema quality 4K Hasselbad camera, with 2X optical zoom and hyperlapse. Rooted has set its sights on becoming the go-to destination for Drone photography in Cincinnati and beyond.  

How Does a Creative Agency Help Me With Stunning Photography

Photography by a creative agency can bring your brand to life. When you work with Rooted, our process can help you better connect your brand with customers. The best tech and the best staff will help your brand resonate with customers. 82% of customers trust a brand more and more than 3/4 are willing to buy from a brand with amazing photography. When your customers can get a sense of your services and products from great photography, they trust that brand more. Instead of using stock photos or having a freelance photographer come in, you can use a creative photography service like Rooted to help bring your brand to customers. 


The First Impression Matters Most With Creative Agency Photos

Good quality professional photography will help wow your potential customers in a flash. They’ll see great attention to detail, you can use your high quality photos as content on your brand channels, and they’ll get a sense of your brand’s aesthetics. If something is presented well, customers will be convinced without knowing too much about your products or service. In just under one second, great product photos and service photos will help your customers trust your brand and make a decision without any doubts.


Why Great Photography Matters

Visual content goes a long way and engages that text-only content. For example, your product descriptions can tell a little bit, but your photos will bring that product to life for your customers. Most marketing professionals will say that photos, videos, and other visual content are important for your brand story. Posts from brands with visual content outperform other types of content in terms of engagement. Most B2B and B2C marketers prioritize visual content with their marketing strategy. You should have photos to go with every 100 words of content you want to market. According to some marketing professionals, visual content with photos has a 2 to 1 engagement advantage over regular text content. 


Great Photography Helps With Brand Consistency

When you work with a creative agency for your photography, all of your visual assets will be consistent. 90% of consumers think that brands should have consistent messaging across all of the channels where they experience a brand. A product may appear on a website, but if a customer first experienced it in a magazine or on social media, a customer is more likely to buy it if their experience of that product was consistent. Great photography will guarantee a consistent experience of your brand for customers.