Rooted Creative is a full-scale Cincinnati creative agency.

We are a full-service media house, creative ad agency and experiential marketing company bundled into one package. All the bells. All the whistles. None of the fluff.

So why choose Rooted Creative when creative agencies are a nickel a dozen?

Well, we’re different. And we get our clients results. And we have fun.

But more importantly, we stand for something. We’d rather love and serve people than make a dollar. We’d rather leave an impact than gain a client. We’d rather build our community than build a business.

That’s why we’re Rooted. 

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What is a creative agency? 

In short, a creative agency is a company that offers services that help other brands grow in their marketing, branding and advertising. Although many creative agencies are similar, Rooted Creative brings a unique perspective given its strong background in media production, such as photography, videography and design.

How does a creative agency work? 

A creative agency connects with its clients to understand its goals in advertising, branding and marketing and builds creative solutions to meet those goals. In doing so, Rooted Creative Agency creates a unique onboarding for all of its clients. 

Is a creative agency the same as a media agency? 

A creative agency is not the same thing as a media agency. A media agency generally focuses on media planning and media buying, whereas a creative agency usually creates the content that is featured in those media slots.

How are you different than an ad agency? 

Although somewhat similar, an ad agency usually markets and advertises content while a creative agency produces the content. There is often overlap. Rooted Creative, although a creative agency at heart, often plays the role of an ad agency by helping companies plan around their ad budgets. 

Even as we've evolved to take on commercial branding campaigns and experiential marketing activations, we've stayed grounded in our own Roots – stunning visuals that give a brand life.


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