We Do Creative Development Better Than The "Other Guy"  

Creative agencies, like Rooted Creative, play a huge role for companies in Cincinnati, nationwide, and around the globe. Rooted Creative has played a huge role as a creative agency  for brands like Nike, Jergens, Red Bull, and Adidas. We are based in Cincinnati, where brands are always discovering the city’s potential. We are different than the run-of-the-mill marketing agency.

Our passion as a creative agency lies with creating experiences that create relationships between brands and the community. Our approach as a creative agency fuses art and athletics, pre-planned activations with brands, Instagram influencers, and more. An advertising agency can't get the details quite right for clients. Look to Rooted as your creative agency. We put other marketing agencies and advertising agencies at the back of the pack.

Creative Photography

At Rooted Creative Agency, your creative photography process will leave you wowed. Whether it’s sports photography or stunning closeups of your products, we will take your brand to the next level. We take photography a step up from the standard marketing agency. 

Creative Videography

Our amazing knack for photography made us pros at video. We give you more than just a video. We give you a brand story that will take your product to the next level on social media, a TV spot, and further. No other marketing agency gets the videography done right the way we do. 

Creative Designs That Inspire

We’ll make you awesome designs that resonate with your customers. Our design team and technology is focused on making your design both striking and simple at the same time. Our designs are top-notch compared to your average marketing agency. Our graphic design skills will help your brand thrive.

What Is a Creative Agency?

Creative agencies, like Rooted, offer a wide array of in-house services to help brands create relationships. Rooted offers different services like creative photography, video, and design to help brands build relationships. No other marketing agency does what we do. 

A marketing agency will put your message out there, but Rooted will help a brand like yours create an identity that builds relationships across the board. Your creative materials can be used when you work with an advertising agency.

Our creative agency specializes in everything that helps to build your brand. We set your brand apart from your competitors letting you resonate with your customers. We are skilled in photography, videography, and experiential marketing.

Our creative agency team consists of creative directors, photographers, and people who know how to tell your brand's story. 



What Do You Need To Get Started On My Project?

We want to see your brand materials! Of course, anything creative that you might have seen on YouTube, social media, or even drawn on a napkin. Anything that inspires you or tells your brand’s story is inspiration for us to get started on your creative photography, video, or branding.

We are responsible for your brand's voice and connection with customers.. We will create a campaign o that includes all of the design, content and strategy elements. This is all done in order to help you reach your goals. 

We will manage your project from start to finish. This includes everything from shooting your photography or video to putting the final touches on your project in the editing room. 

We are more than just an advertising company with a few creatives on staff. Rooted's team is a group of  professionals who have mastered their craft and know how to do it well.


Who Will I Work With At a Creative Agency?

The day you sign up with Rooted, you will work with everyone who will tell the story of your brand. You won’t just get an account manager, you will get to work with your photographer, videographer, and designer who will tell the story of your brand. On the first day you work with Rooted, you will get in touch with your creative director, who will let you talk to the next leader in line when the time is right, everyone from your videographer to your photographer. At Rooted Creative, you will interact with every leader who will tell the story of your brand.

You will work with a creative director, who will coordinate you with all the right professionals to get your project off the ground. You may work with a videographer one day and a designer the next day. All of our creative team members are fully competent and professional to help you get. the story of your brand right the first time. 


What’s the Process At a Creative Agency?

Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to telling the creative story of their brand. Your process might look a little bit different from the guy that came before you. Rooted is focused on creating high-quality content for each client, whether you are looking for some creative product photography or some video production for an Instagram influencer campaign. Your creative director will help set a realistic timeline for helping tell your brand’s story.

Your creative team will consist of working with a whole bunch of different professionals. Some of your creative team may consist of people who help bring other stakeholders into your project. Other team members will be super solid at telling you what type of product shots will help you get exactly what you want. 

At Rooted, each project is a little bit different. Our creative director will listen to you, help you lay out your goals, and bring all the right people onto the project to help you get the job done right. 


What Types of Projects Do Creative Agencies Do? 

Creative agencies are different from your cut of the mill advertising and marketing agencies. A creative agency will tell your story. Some of these projects can include photography sessions, video of your events, and creative design. Creative agencies excel at experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is part of the creative agency process and will involve connecting people with your brand, before, during and after the event. 

What Is Creative Agency Marketing? 

Creative marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creativity and innovation. It is about thinking creatively about the consumer's needs and wants, and then delivering creative, unique marketing solutions.

Creative marketing can be used by any company or organization to promote their products or services in a way that stands out among competitors. Creative marketing campaigns can be as simple as designing a new logo or slogan, or they can be as complex as creating an entire theme park.

A creative agency  specializes in creating innovative and engaging assets for clients. Creative agencies are often hired by companies looking for more than just traditional advertising techniques like TV commercials or newspaper ads.

We are more than just an integrated marketing agency. We are your total creative department when it comes to creating compelling stories about your brand. When you work with our creative programs, you will get results. We will help you with your business growth and are one of the best agencies in Cincinnati. 

Creative Photography At Rooted

Rooted Creative Agency offers all types of different creative photography services. If you’re looking for sports photography, we’ll capture the thrill of your team’s victory. Our product photography has stunning detail to show every dimension and detail. We’ve also done editorial photography for Fortune 500 brands, fitness photography, photos from around the world, and we’ll even fly a drone to give you the picture that you want. We have all of the creative potential that you won't find any old advertising agency. Your photos will be stunning when you use them for social media marketing and will stand out with what any marketing agency might design. 

Creative Videography At Rooted

Videography is among the truest of art forms. From professional athletes to household products, Rooted Creative Agency will take your video to the next level. We’ve worked with brands like Jergens and your creative video can be used for everything from an influencer campaign to a television spot. Nothing gets us more excited than planning, shooting, editing, and releasing your video to bring your brand to life in a way you never thought possible. Your creative videography from Rooted can be used in a digital marketing campaign or your next commercial.  Great videography makes social media marketing a breeze. Your videography can be used in any marketing programs and on any digital platforms. 

Creative Design At Rooted

Gone are the days of a brand copying whatever Apple is doing or using “more colors.” Effortless design that resonates with your customers, and with you, is how we do it at Rooted.

We do everything, including complete re-brands, packaged goods design, brand identity, and social media campaigns that will create relationships with your customers. We take creative design to a level that will make you stand out with your social media marketing. We want to be your independent creative solutions agency. Work with us for all of your creative design needs. 

Where Does Rooted Creative Agency Thrive

Rooted can work with any brand to tell their story. In addition to some of the big name brands that we have worked with in the past, like Adidas, we thrive as a creative agency in almost every creative situation. We outdo any marketing agency or advertising agency. 

Sports Photography & Videography

Whether you are in Cincinnati and are a Reds faithful or are anywhere in the nation, Rooted thrives at telling stunning stories of victory and capturing the essence of your big play. Moreover, some of our relationships with the community are built on sports and brands.  

Your digital marketing will stand out with our outstanding sports creative. Our sports creative will also take the run-of-the-mill marketing agency to task. 

Editorial Photography (Especially Cover Photos)

We get it. Stunning cover photos are super hard to come by. Our studio will house your shoot and we’ll engage with you before the shutter fires. Our creative editorial photos and videos will be sure to make you stand out on tomorrow’s copy, wherever you choose to publish it. Use your stunning photos for any sort of digital marketing or branding. 

Product Photography and Videos

Consumers don’t want products that stand out on the shelves. They want products that they can remember. When you want stunning photos for your website or video for your influencer, we can travel anywhere or let you use our studio in Cincinnati for your next product shots. Our photos will help your digital marketing thrive. 

Travel & Destination Creative

Rooted just doesn’t hang out at our studio all day. We’ve got the equipment to take photos and videos wherever you take your brand. We’ve completed projects for clients in fifty-two US cities and thirteen different countries. Our creative travel creative has helped tons of brands with their digital marketing. 

Drone Footage

Gone are the days where you had to own a helicopter or a private jet to get stunning photos and videos from the air. Our drone photography and video services can capture stunning corporate aerial footage, beautiful travel scenery, and more by taking to the air. The regular advertising agency down the street won't have drones. We guarantee it.  Use our drones for your digital marketing needs.

What Sets Rooted Apart From Other Creative Agencies?

Rooted has several different factors that makes us a winner as a creative agency for our clients. Here are some of the factors that set us apart as a creative agency:

  • Talent: Rooted hires great people who excel at what they do. Whether it's your creative director or the influencer we bring on to help promote your event, our talent will help tell your brand's story.
  • Experience: At Rooted, we started out in photography and branched out into other areas, like videography and design. Our experience is second to none.
  • Technology: Not only does Rooted have the best technology with drones, but we also have everything you need to get the job done. Our cameras and editing software are the best in the industry.
  • Efficiency: We are efficient in our processes. When interacting with you, we will pass your feedback onto our team who will help you get the exact product shots and footage that you want.
  • Likable: Our likability and enthusiasm will translate when we go to work on your brand. Rooted will help you get the story that you want out there; our people translate their enthusiasm for your project. 
  • Innovation: Rooted innovated the creative agency. We started with photography and started doing everything else before the other guys did.

Rooted Creative Agency is a Cincinnati creative agency that gets the job done. All of our team members have the right skill sets to help you start and finish a creative project that will highlight your brand, whether it's with product photos, creative videos, or a brand event to help get your story out into the community. With our creative digital marketing efforts, we will help your brand thrive, no matter how you choose to tell your story.