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At the heart of an all-in-one creative agency are ideation and creation. As in, starting with nothing and building something beautiful. So when Kroger reached out to us wanting to create a virtual concert social experience for Kane Brown, we knew it was go time.

In the blink of an eye, a pile of lumber becomes an interactive living room set for an intimate performance by country superstar Kane Brown. That living room set? It was built right alongside an indoor basketball court, kitchen set, and second performance stage, all under one roof for the same production. We're not messing around when it comes to taking dreams and building them into reality.

From an interactive set design and full production crew to hosting a game questionnaire for the artist, Rooted created a full concert social experience. With tons of content being captured, the event easily generated tons of content to use and repurpose. 

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  • 283,000 Live Streams 
  • 10 Live Songs Performed
  • Simultaneously filmed Coach Calipari and Larry Fitzgerald in three cities to create a live FaceTime experience
  • Produced two 30-minute-long show segments in less than seven hours
  • Subtle Simple truth product integration in every scene
  • Hosted 75+ people on set
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