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Rooted Creative Agency brings its innovative storytelling and strategic branding to the vibrant and dynamic city of Miami. Here, we combine imaginative creativity with practical solutions to drive growth and impact for brands in this lively metropolis.

What We Do? Creative Solutions with Tangible Results.

In Miami, our expertise spans photography, videography, experiential marketing, and design, each tailored to deliver measurable business outcomes. We focus on creating content that not only captivates but also drives brand growth and engagement in the Miami market.

Our collaborations with brands like Nike, Adidas, and Red Bull showcase our ability to turn creative concepts into business assets.

In Miami, our collaboration with the Florida Panthers and Celsius exemplifies our ability to transform an idea into an interactive touchpoint with your consumers.

Your Partner in Brand Success in Miami

We prioritize understanding your business and audience. Our approach goes beyond traditional creative services; we immerse ourselves in your brand, aligning our creative strategies with your business objectives in Miami.

Now that you have an idea about our creative mindset, check out our work in Miami.

Our Creative Services in Miami

Rooted Creative Agency brings a full suite of creative services to the 305, ensuring your brand stands out.


Our photography captures the vibrant essence of Miami, strategically designed to enhance your brand's narrative and market presence.

Imagery is one of the most powerful things in the world and it’s one of our outlets on how to make a difference. Our start in sports photography got the wheels movin, but our recent brand, product and editorial photography has put us on the map in Miami.


Our videography services are powerful storytelling tools, crafted to create lasting connections with your audience and reinforce your brand's message.

What’s better than stunning photos? Like 24 to 30 of them, a second. Frame by frame, Rooted Creative has established itself as a go-to videography company in Miami and across the country. 


Miami, a city known for its unforgettable experiences, is where we create brand activations that are memorable and strategically aligned with your business goals.

This is where our passion has led us. The advent of social media has changed the world and changed the consumer. Visuals get you in the door, but experiential marketing is how you walk through the frame. Big brands, pro athletes, and local businesses alike enlist Rooted Creative to create activations that breathe life.


Our design services ensure your brand makes a significant impact in Miami's competitive landscape, with every creative decision backed by strategic thinking.

You can’t have one without the other. Beautiful visuals deserve gorgeous design. From strategic rebranding campaigns to product designs that stand out in a sea of blah, Rooted Creative has established itself as a trusted design agency in Miami.


Our collaboration with the Florida Panthers and Celsius in Miami is a prime example of our commitment to combining creative excellence with practical business strategy.

Florida Panthers x Celsius

For this collaboration, we created a slap shot activation, an experiential marketing stunt that engaged fans and raised awareness about the collaboration. This activation was not just an entertaining experience but also a strategic tool to enhance brand visibility and engagement among the fans.

Check out our work with household names like Nike, Adidas, and Red Bull.


Join forces with Rooted Creative Agency in Miami to transform your brand's presence. We're ready to collaborate with you to develop creative solutions that drive tangible business results.

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