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Where Fitness Meets Community and Boundaries are Left Behind.

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In 2020, we launched an entire fitness brand, using our design, photo, video, event, and brand activation capabilities.  The goal was to promote a vision: empowering individuals through community, competition, and creativity. We believe that with these three core pillars, anything is possible. More than a healthy lifestyle, what you get from being part of Race Street manifests itself into other areas of your life as well.

What does Race Street look like? Experiences that transcend just a fitness competition. Everyone, from the athlete, the judges, and spectators, are immersed in a community competition. We host pop-up workouts, weekly challenges, small-scale, and large-scale events. All of these are designed to show you the champion you truly are. We also partner with local community businesses to sponsor or become the hosting ground for an event.

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What started as a community turned into something much more.

Amid any uncertainty, Race Street creates a sense of hope through weekly Saturday pop-workouts that average between 50-80 people in attendance. Once a year a large championship event is hosted, having sold out the previous four, seeing over 1,000 athletes compete.

47% of those Athletes were between the ages of 21-25
20% between the ages of 31-35
94% of particpants (who filled out a post-competition survey) said they would compete in future events
35% of competitors are minorities (Asian or Pacific Islander, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, and Native American).

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