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Race Street Open Season 2
Date: Saturday April 10
Place: 7668 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227
Time: 7 am - 11 am 
Cost: $50 for the first 10 entries, $65 for #11-100. Includes a free beer, T-shirt and Swag Bag!

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Fitness is Community

People are struggling to find community. Social distancing has people feeling ... distant.  

That's one of the reasons why we're starting Race Street Athletics – to promote a healthy lifestyle while starting to rebuild a sense of community. 

Why Race Street Athletics? Race Street is where Rooted headquarters are and athletics is in our team's DNA. From high school standouts to the pro ranks, many of our Rooted family are currently taking adult leagues way too seriously.

And, like many people, we miss connecting and networking with the fitness community. We're bringing that back with Race Street, connecting fitness fanatics not only with each other, but with a safe space to connect and build. 

More about Race street

What is Race Street Athletics? We’re a new fitness group in Cincinnati looking to build community. 

Where does Race Street meet? Every Monday, we’ll announce a new meeting location on our Instagram page

What is the workout? It’ll change on a weekly basis, and we’ll accommodate it for all fitness levels. Expect group competitions mixing in cardio, body weight training, and resistance bands, among other HIIT-related exercises. 

How does Race Street work? We’ll track everyone’s week-to-week progress in a friendly competition. Not just against each other, but we want to push you to compete against your personal bests.  

Who is Race Street for? Anyone in Cincinnati over the age of 18. 

How is Race Street keeping its workouts safe? We’ve paid special attention to creating a community while also keeping social distancing in mind. We’ve taken measures to keep our outdoor workouts safe for all. 

How much does it cost? For now, Race Street is free. 


Race Street Saturday pop-ups are coming soon. Sign up to be notified when.