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Red Bull is iconic and known all over the world for experiential activations. 


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When they rolled up to Cincy looking to promote an upcoming Soapbox Race, Red Bull tapped Rooted Creative to bring the experience to life in the days leading up to the event. The Photodash was a Rooted Creative brainchild that mixed in an elevated experience, strong photos and videos, and a branded activation that spanned throughout the city. Most importantly, Rooted Creative brought the city's decision-makers together. From influencers and trendsetters to community leaders, Photodash aimed to inject a creative energy into key stakeholders who could spread the feeling long after the event ended. 

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A Rooted Experience

We build your fanbase and help them experience your energy.

A brand activation used to be like this – here's some product, go have some fun. Oh.... and get photos!

Cool, sure. Impactful? Probably not. A Rooted Experience is more than a brand activation – it's a carefully crafted, exceptionally executed experience that injects emotion into your consumers. Your brand is more than a product on the shelf. It's an experience waiting to happen.  

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