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To support the music scene in Cincinnati (and eventually, beyond) Rooted launched Rooted Sessions by giving artists a unique stage and providing them access to high-quality content to help showcase their talents to a new audience. This takes the form of experiential marketing through videography and art direction, to create the best platform for artists to have their time in the limelight. Rooted Sessions paves the way for those artists, and makes Cincinnati not just a city for sports and business, but for talent to emerge and thrive.

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Where talent is recognized, and given a platform to succeed.

Since launching Rooted Sessions we have specialized in the brand identity, development, and strategy for each artist worked with. We are also focused on the activation of digital-music, which will release artist features once a month. We have produced countless high-level music videos for each artist that books a rooted session, as well as released 50 limited edition one-of-a-kind merchandise items.

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