Choosing a Creative Video Production House

Video is THE medium for advertisers in 2022. Videos are the hottest mediums for content consumption. Did you know that video is 99% of the content viewed on social media, websites, streaming platforms, and other digital mediums.

Creative video production companies are among one of the most important partners that a business can have on their side. A video production company like Rooted Creative Agency can help you get the video creative that you want for your brand. Our videos can be used for brand activations, social media, and for every type of marketing that you can think of.

All Brands Use Video Production Companies

When you think of brands that use creative video production companies, you don’t often think of brands that are fitness and sports related (Rooted Creative Agency loves these types of videos). In 2021, the following industries began working hard core in the video space when it came to their advertising creative:

  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Public Relations
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Ecommerce
  • Travel & Hospitality

Finance companies, such as day trading, will often need catchy explainer videos. Real estate agents will need great video footage of a property that they are going to be showing in their community. Video marketing is a great way to engage potential travelers in the travel and hospitality space. EVERYONE needs an awesome video.

Video content, by and far, is one of the most important ways of engaging your potential customers. Compelling video content will convey the following:

  • A story that will help a customer connect with a brand.
  • A reason for them to invest themselves in the brand’s product or service.
  • Social proof of notable clients of people that have engaged with the brand.

A creative agency with the best video production services will be able to produce not just video content, but a story of a brand for customers. Corporate videos, virtually any type of video services, are going to be key to connecting customers with brands in the coming years.

Video Gets the Job Done!

A study by LearnHub claims that video is 1200% more effective than other content. There are a couple of reasons why:

  • Customers feel more connected to a brand after viewing a video about products or services.
  • Video content gives a more in-depth view of a product or service than traditional print media.
  • Text and image-based media just don’t do as good of a job as video-based content.

The top video production agencies, like Rooted Creative, realize that video is probably the most effective and important piece of any marketing strategy.

You Need An Awesome Video Production House

If you are looking for the best videos, you might want to look to a company like Rooted Creative Agency. Here is the primary difference between a true video house and just any old marketing agency:

  • A video production company will have some of the most modern and state-of-the-art equipment on hand.
  • A video production agency like Rooted Creative will often be able to come to you, where you are at, to deliver you the best content.
  • With a marketing agency making your videos, you won’t get the best post production that you would get with a video production company like Rooted working on your videos.

“I Need Rockstar Video.” Where To Go

The best video production companies are going to be found at the major marketing hubs throughout the United States. Cities like Cincinnati, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York have some of the biggest marketing economies in the country. In New York, you are going to find agencies that specialize in sound production. You’ll find great video production companies on the West Coast, as this is where a lot of movies are made. You’re not going to find a video production company like Rooted Creative Agency. If you also want design, branding, and photography, Rooted Creative Agency will have all of your needs in addition to video. A video production company based in any of these areas will help you get the content that your brand needs.

Video Production. It’s What We Do

Are you looking for a corporate video? Maybe you’re looking for a video production company focused on a particular medium, like product or music videos for your brand. Corporate videos are right up Rooted’s alley and we do these better than the next guy down the street. Fitness and sports videography are another thing we do very well and our production process is better than anyone’s.

Not a lot of companies handle drone videography. We can help your brand focus on that as well. Maybe you are a real estate agent that wants a flyby of a neighborhood and zooms in on that listing you are selling. The right video production company will be able to fulfill virtually any type of content that can be created and Rooted Creative can help you with that.

Your Brand Needs Video

Your brand should utilize video production services because of the impact that it will have on customers. Here is how customers connect with video marketing:

  • Video marketing makes up more than 82% of consumer internet traffic.
  • The average American will spend about 100 minutes a day consuming some sort of video content, whether it’s streaming media like YouTube or something that was shared on video.
  • The completion rate of great videos is about 90%.

Video production companies are one of the fastest growing segments of the marketing industry and will continue to grow as more content is consumed in the coming years.

How Do Video Production Houses Make Awesome Content?

A great video house will understand how, when, and where your content will be consumed. Did you know that more than 92% of consumers will watch videos with the sound off and 50% will rely on captions. You probably wouldn’t have thought of that if you tried to make a video for your brand on your cell phone.

Is your video content optimize for mobile and desktop. 87% of business to business videos are going to be consumed on a desktop. 7 out of 10 people who watch a video on their smartphone watch it horizontally.

Is your video marketing optimized for Facebook? Videos on Facebook are watched 8 billion times each day. Another way that you can reach your potential customers is to use live content on Facebook. Facebook users watch live videos 3x more often than uploaded videos. The best video production companies are able to know where you want your media, know how it will be watched, and will understand your customers to the letter.

Video Production Process (Hint: You Get a Whole Team)

At Rooted, you will be treated like a member of the team. Your journey will start with a creative director. Whether your are looking for an animated video or an explainer video, or something that is a little bit more within our wheelhouse, we will make sure that your project gets completed in a timely and professional manner. We can deliver a broadcast video at your brand activation or social media videos that are built with your creative idea conception in mind. Promotional videos, event videos brand videos, video editing…Rooted does it all to make sure that we can get you the content that you want.

Even if your video strategy doesn’t entail digital marketing we will help you get the creative that you want. Our video services include post production and a wide variety of different resources for getting you assets that tell your story.

Video Production. It’s Worth It

Budget is a big deciding factor when making a video, but you tend to get what you pay for. The following factors will determine the budget:

  • The length of the video: Many brands opt for two minute videos because of their effectiveness. Some video production companies specialize in shorts for advertisements, while others can make you lengthier commercials.
  • The style of video production: A live video at a brand activation might cost a little bit more than a corporate video. A video for digital marketing made with a creative strategy from a company like Rooted is one of the best investments your brand can make.
  • The type of video production company you hire: You might pay a little bit more for a video company that does TV or film spots rather than something that you might just use for social media.

High quality videos are particularly important for creative development, web design, and advertising agencies, but the best video production companies will deliver a project that your brand loves and owns.

Expect Nothing But the Best

Top video production companies like Rooted Creative Agency will always deliver the best results. Here are some of the things that you should expect as part of the production process:

  • Preproduction: You will get some sort of scripting, coordination, and planning to tell the story of your brand, no matter how spontaneous the moment is.
  • Production: Sound, lighting, and other elements go into making your video just the way you want it.
  • Post Production: Post production involves cutting, editing, music selection and the final approval/delivery of your video. The post production process is one of the areas where Rooted shines. Most video production agencies will only excel in a few of these areas.

Rooted Creative Agency will delivery you quality video content and make sure that your final video delivery is exactly what your brand wants and needs. Video production companies like Rooted pride themselves on the entire process, from start to finish. From pre production to post production services, you want a story that lets your brand resonate.

A video production agency will always be proud of their editing process and the fact that they took the time to bring you the best content possible. Rooted Creative Agency is your video production agency if you want something that will make you stand out from the other guy.

Advantages of Video Production For Your Brand

Improved Brand Recognition
Video production is an effective way to increase the visibility of your brand and build awareness in the market. Videos are highly shareable, which means that more people will be exposed to your brand when they watch them. You can also use videos to showcase existing customers talking about their experience with your product or service, or even just highlight what makes your brand unique. This kind of content can help viewers connect with your brand on a deeper level and further increase recognition and loyalty among existing customers.

Higher Conversion Rates
Videos are an engaging medium and are more likely to keep viewers on your page longer than text-only content. This increased engagement often leads to higher conversion rates—meaning more people taking action after watching your video, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. Videos also provide an opportunity to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way, which can encourage more viewers to convert into customers as well.

Greater Reach
Video content has the potential to reach much larger audiences due to its shareability and viral potential; because videos are so easily shared across platforms such as social media, YouTube, and other websites, there’s no limit to how many people you can reach with just one piece of content! This makes video production a great way for businesses of any size to create marketing campaigns that have far-reaching impact without spending a fortune on advertising campaigns.

Why Is Rooted One the #1 Video Production Company?

Even though we are a Cincinnati video production company, we can go almost anywhere to deliver your video project. A top video production company like Rooted Creative Agency will deliver professional video production services throughout your entire process. We are the trusted video partner of major brands like Adidas and Red Bull. The major brands of the world, as well as the little guys, can trust us as their signature video group. We are a local video production company based in Cincinnati that works with the major brands of the world. Whether you’re looking for brand videos for your next experiential event, Rooted has been around over a decade bringing the top brands like yours to the world.

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