Creative Agencies: Choosing One In 6 Easy Steps

One of the first and most crucial decisions you’ll have to make when starting your business is which of the creative agencies for your web design, marketing, or branding works. Choosing the right agency means that you’ll be able to do business with an existing and reputable company that will work on your project according to the pre-agreed specifications.

So how do you find a team that not only gets your industry but also delivers results? Rooted is one of the top creative agencies out there.

What is a Creative Agency?

A creative agency is a firm that provides services in the fields of branding, design, photography, videography, and experiential marketing. Creative agencies frequently have a staff of in-house specialists who provide creative consultancies on projects for their clients. These creative services can be used on social media and in other places.

Creative agencies have grown to be an essential part of business life. Many enterprises depend on their services to assist them in achieving their objectives, given their long history in media production, such as photography, videography, and design. Companies, such as Rooted Creative, will help brands bring their story out into the community to help the brand connect with customers. 

A Creative Agency vs. A Marketing Agency

The terms “creative agency” and “marketing agency” are sometimes used interchangeably like a creative advertising firm, but they’re not mutually exclusive. It’s important to note that there is a difference between creative agencies, which focus on the aspects of communication like media production (e.g., photography), design (e.g., web development), and copywriting; marketing agencies, which tend to focus on overall campaigns rather than individual pieces of communication; and advertising agencies, which exclusively handle paid promotion methods like online ads (digital creative agency) or TV commercials (i.e., anything with an actual price tag attached). Marketing agencies employ platforms like search engines and social media to achieve their goals.

Different Types of Creative Agencies 

Traditionally, “creative agencies” have described several different types of agencies. Many of these agencies will refer to themselves as a marketing agency. For example, there are the following types of creative agencies:

Full Service Digital Agencies

Full service digital agencies often call themselves creative agencies. These agencies do different types of marketing and design, as well as web development. They might run digital marketing ad campaigns, do copywriting, work on SEO, and do a whole bunch of different “creative” things. While these agencies are able to wear multiple hats, they often do not excel at these things for the budget that the client is paying. Typically, many of these agencies are weak at design, but stronger in many other areas. They often work on search engines and social media.

Digital Agencies

Digital agencies often excel at one particular type of thing. Your digital agency might do something like design, SEO, SEM, or some other type of marketing. They offer one service and you will have to work with another marketing or design agency to get more pieces of your marketing, web development, and branding done. They also help you on social media and other platforms. This type of marketing agency will get your results when it puts your creative assets out there.

Design Agencies

Design agencies excel at one particular thing…design. They may do web design, print design, or they may focus on solely designing creative assets for one particular digital media. Design agencies often are a stronger choice for getting a solidly designed website than a full service digital agency. Design agencies may do well at creating something that is aesthetically pleasing, but they may not do as good of a job at creating a design that really resonates with customers. Design agencies will often charge more than other types of agencies. These types of agencies sometimes do web development.

Interactive Agencies

Interactive agencies often build more complex websites that utilize multimedia and other resources. They might work with a client to design an app to go along with their website. The types of projects that they take on may include a wide variety of different media, including video, photography, and more. Often, these organizations do not take on much strategizing when it comes to the actual implementation of a campaign. These types of companies employ web development to help clients in addition to other design services. Social media can often come into play with certain interactive projects.

Engineering Agencies 

Engineering agencies are technology and software experts. They look at your business setup and decide which type of website platform you should use and what software applications can be used with it. They help make your digital footprint integrate with your business and make the logistics of the implementation seamless. 

Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies are specifically focused on getting your brand out there. They utilize channels like search engines, social media, radio, and television to bring your message with customers. Often, they do not design brand assets, photography, or video that resonates with your customers. They take your creative assets and place the advertising on your behalf.

Rooted Creative Agency: A Full-Service Creative Agency

Creative agencies, like Rooted, are a type of company that focus on creating media that resonates with your customers. They will create videos, photography, design, and experiential marketing campaigns to help get the story of your brand out there.

Creative agencies can be found in many different industries. They can be found in the fashion industry, the food industry, or even the healthcare industry. Creative agencies are often hired by companies to help them with their marketing campaigns or to help them develop a new brand identity.

Creative agencies have many different types of clients that they work with on a regular basis. Some of these clients include large corporations like Nike or Coca-Cola while others include small businesses like restaurants or bakeries.

Rooted Creative Agency is a company that will help your brand get its name out there with all the right type of media. Some of the brands that we have worked with include Jurgens, Nike, Adidas, Red Bull, and others. We have worked with large and small companies alike and have the resources to do a good job for virtually any size brand out there. 

Do Creative Agencies Do Digital Marketing?

Creative agencies do a certain level of digital marketing, but don’t specialize themselves on it. The type of digital marketing that creative agencies like Rooted does focuses on bringing together. For example, let’s say you have a experiential brand event coming up down the road. Rooted Creative can help you utilize video, photography, but most importantly people, to let your event resonate before, during, and after. Our experiential marketing campaigns frequently involve sports and fitness. These events bring together stakeholders, ranging from people in the community to employees in companies. When these forces are brought together, they help present a company’s story to customers in a way that resonates.

Why You Should Hire a Creative Agency: Top 5 Reasons

Creative agencies can help businesses stand out from their competitors in branding, videography, photography, and other creative assets. Plus, the best creative advertising agencies have a strong understanding of what clients want to see in their industry and how to get the attention of relevant audiences.

Your Brand Needs Stunning Product Photos

Using an established creative agency partner means that you’re hiring professionals who are committed to helping your business stand out from its competitors through engaging visuals. For instance, if you run an online clothing boutique specializing in unique handmade garments, you’ll want professional lifestyle shots of people wearing your products rather than stale still-life shots of each item laid out on a flat surface. This helps potential customers imagine what it would be like to wear the clothes themselves.

Your Brand Needs Stunning Videography

According to a recent poll, 86 percent of companies will use video as a marketing tool in 2022, indicating that video is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool. It’s critical to produce high-quality videos if you want to make an impact. A creative agency can assist you in creating high-quality videos that will help market your business and attract new consumers. They’ll be able to capture the essence of your brand and present your items in the best possible light.

Your Business Needs a Strong Brand Identity

A creative branding agency can help you develop a strong brand identity for your business. Visuals are powerful, and if you consistently create branded visuals that tell the same story with every piece of content across social media, web copy, email newsletters, etc., consumers will begin to associate those visuals with your company and products. This positive association will encourage them to buy from you instead of competitors if done correctly.

A Creative Agency Can Help Your Brand Tell the Stories of the Products

Top creative agencies can help your brand tell stories about the products by creating engaging visuals that will help consumers see more than just a picture of the product; they’ll be able to experience it. For example, suppose you’re selling handmade leather shoes with intricate embroidery. In that case, an agency could shoot photos (and maybe even video) of people wearing those shoes on vacation or attending weddings and other events. They’ll make the consumer feel like the item is something he needs in his life right now rather than simply looking at what might appear to be an advertisement for a product.

Creative Agencies Can Make Your Products Stand Out From Competitors

Most customers will probably find out about you via online searches if you’re running a small business with only one brick-and-mortar location. If they search your name, it should be easy for them to find you and learn more about what you have to offer. However, when a customer types in one of these queries, he gets back dozens or even hundreds of search results that look similar because small businesses often use the same names and logos on all their web copy and social media profiles. A creative agency could help ensure that your business stands out from the crowd by creating content-rich pages with engaging visuals. They’ll also make sure your Google My Business information is complete and correct; this helps potential customers get a quick snapshot of what your company is all about.

Choosing a Creative Agency That’s Right for You

The chances are that you’ll be able to find several creative agency partners that advertise services that line up perfectly with your needs. The following tips will help you narrow down your search for finding the best creative agencies, such as an award winning creative agency like Rooted:

1. Make sure your brief specifies what you want to achieve

Do you want to boost brand recognition via a launch campaign, a direct-response commercial, or out-of-home advertising? Consider your leading key performance indicators (KPIs) and advertising platforms and develop a statement of purpose that explains what you expect. Set your objectives clearly from the start, and you’ll get a lot further. Your creative marketing agency should be able to help you every step of the way with this.

2. Assess creative agencies based on your KPIs

From your specifications, conduct your homework and seek recommendations from your network for best-in-class agencies in your industry, company size, and campaign type. Not all firms will be a good fit for you or them if you don’t do your homework first. 

3. Look for collaborative partners

Let’s face it: no one has all the right connections and skills to accomplish everything they set out to do. Partnering with the right creative agency is a bit like dating; you want someone who shares your vision, brings something new and different to the table, and is willing to put in the hours (and hard work) necessary for success.

4. Seek agencies that offer full-service capabilities

We mentioned earlier that creative agencies might not have direct experience working on projects in your industry, so their lack of relevant content knowledge can be an issue when they start developing marketing materials without consulting you first. A good way around this is by finding partners that have full-service capabilities or can farm out specialties they don’t have in-house to specialists in that field. For example, if you’re a real estate agency and need a video produced, but your creative partner is not experienced with the process, they may find a good company for this purpose.

5. Ask about their work style

Most agencies have different ways of working. Depending on the project, some hire outside freelancers or staff to ramp up quickly when necessary. In contrast, others rely solely on in-house resources regardless of the specific requirements. In addition, some agencies are more hands-on with clients, preferring frequent contact during all phases of a project; others work by setting milestones and then going quiet until it’s time to present results. The best way to find out how an agency works is to ask.

6. Check-in on the progress and efforts of your creative partner

After choosing a creative agency, it’s important to have regular check-ins to ensure that they meet your requirements and expectations. It’s vital to remain in touch with the agency and its team, whether via weekly check-in calls or biweekly status updates – whatever method you and your crew use to stay on the same page with the firm and its staff is an essential aspect of teamwork. Especially when working with a creative agency, it’ll want feedback on each process step. So make sure you deliver that considered feedback on time, and be honest with the agency along the way, to avoid finishing up disappointed at the finish line.

Final Words

Choosing a creative agency is a vital task. It’s your chance to get the most bang for your buck in terms of advertising dollars spent, so you want it to be correct. However, remember that not all agencies are created equal; some are better at branding, others excel in messaging and positioning, and others are strong in digital media production.

Do your research and see what fits best with your needs – before you approach them! And make sure they meet specific KPIs based on what you need from them; if they can’t deliver on that front (and most creative agencies will happily tell you about their capabilities), then move on to the next candidate until you find one who has done excellent work before or is willing to do something new for you. Rooted Creative Agency can help you with all of the following:

  • Developing an awesome brand strategy.
  • Delivering that brand strategy in a way that wows your customers.
  • Brand development if you are just getting started.
  • Creating experiential marketing campaigns that enhance your brand development.
  • Being your top choice for a modern creative agency.

Look no further than Rooted Creative Agency if you’re searching for a creative company that can assist with all elements of your brand. We provide unique solutions to help you connect with your target audience and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

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