How To Do a Product Video

Humans often think with their eyes and your product should be the first thing they see. Every type of brand needs a product video to sell its products to other businesses and consumers. A B2B brand might need a narrative to push a product to another business. A B2C product might need a video to help create trust and authority. Let’s take a look at how Rooted Creative can help you do a product video the right way by creating a compelling product video. Here are the right ways to do a product video with an awesome agency like Rooted:

Focus on a solution to your customer’s problems 

This is a tried and true narrative for product videography. For some brands, focusing on the solution will be an in-depth overview of the product. For other brands, the video can be a demonstration of the product. But nearly all effective product videos feature one aspect: they show people using a product in real life so that potential customers can see the end benefit. 

Keep the product video short and sweet 

This is a good rule of thumb to follow for product videos, but how long is long enough? The answer, surprisingly enough, depends on the type of product video you are doing:

  • Videos for B2B products should be about 2 minutes in length.
  • Longer form content videos are very rare, but they can be between 20 and 30 minutes. These are often videos that appear in a support section of the website where the product is sold.
  • A marketing video for digital distribution should be between 30 seconds and one minute.
  • Share worthy videos should be about 15 seconds. These are going to be videos that you share with the influencers that you trust to sell the story of your brand.

Focus on one key feature 

This is a great rule of thumb to follow with B2B product videos. If there is one key feature of your product that appeals to a broad group of people, go ahead and make a video that demonstrates that feature. A product can do dozens of different things, but users are likely to adopt a product if one key feature stands out to them.

Use high-quality footage

This is a piece that most brands miss. You have a lot of white noise to deal with when trying to sell your product with video. People watch about 16 hours of video content per week. 84% of people will purchase a product after watching a video. 84% of people will skip product videos and video ads if they don’t feel like the footage is quality. Working with a creative agency like Rooted will help your product be remembered. 

Videos should include calls to action

When you are making a video, you’re taking the time to tell your prospective customers your story. You should tell them what they need to do next. Maybe you are making a teaser for a product that is only available in your store. Or maybe you are doing a pre-order on your products and customers need to do certain things in order to place that pre-order. A call-to-action can be as simple as showing a quick banner that says “shop online” or “book today.” Good calls-to-action will come right after the value proposition for the product and should include some sort of messaging to make the product seem scarce. 

Don’t let the video team forget branding 

Even though the video may show your product in use or a closeup of the product, make sure that you include branding in any graphics that are used in the video. Maybe the subject of your video is wearing colors that emulate your brand. Or maybe the branding is the person in the video talking a little bit about your company’s value proposition or mission statement. Your branding is not just the logo, but will also be present in the script that is being used to drive your video. 

Make your product video memorable 

Do you remember the last Super Bowl? More than 40% of people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. For women, more than 60% tune in simply for the commercials. Here are some of the things that Super Bowl fans say they remember about the most memorable commercials;

  • Some elements of comedy were used in the commercial.
  • The video was short and to the point. 
  • The video showed a product being used in a contemporary way.
  • The commercial involved a celebrity or a subject that the viewer could connect with. 

These principles can be applied to your product videos, especially with videos that you want to be used on social media. 

Don’t forget about social media! 

Did you know that videos get viewed on Facebook more than 8 billion times in one day? Product videos should be shared with your social media fans. 49% of customers engage with branded content on Facebook. But in order for your product videos to succeed on social media, they must:

  • Share your brand’s story.
  • Inject some of your brand’s personality.
  • Cater to your target market (including age, gender, and other key demographics.
  • Show the benefit of your brand to customers in about 15 seconds or less. 

Learn how to do a product video the right way

If you are looking to do a product video, hire a company that does it better than anyone else. If you work with Rooted Creative Agency, you will have a creative director the moment you sign up. They will help you meet all the important people who are going to be involved in your product video. Plus, the Rooted team has got all the right equipment and the people who know how to tell the story of your brand. That will let your product videos be out of this world for your customers and increase your sales.

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