May 10

How To Get Started In Product Photography

Are you wondering how to get started in product photography? There are so many different factors to taking product photos. Here are some of the statistics about why your product photos will be important, whether they go into print or are on a website:

  • 65% of people are visual learners, meaning they need to see great photography of your products to understand why they should purchase from you.
  • 9 out of 10 buyers say that great product photos will compel them to buy a product from a website.
  • Good product photos are likely to be shared on social media. 

Let’s take a look at how to get started in product photography. 

Choose a creative agency that is effective at product photos 

There are going to be a few metrics to determine whether or not a creative agency is a good fit for your product photography needs. How many photos can they produce a day? To see if the creative agency you are planning on working with can get you the right number of quality photos, take a look at budget, time to launch, and image quality.

Choose a creative agency that is production minded for your product photos

When you work with a creative agency like Rooted, you know that you’re getting with an agency that is production minded. We have the best equipment, including cameras, stands, lighting, and other resources needed to take great product photos. Our photographers are able to get into the creative mindset and find the right angles that will help you take photos that will make your product sell.

Give your product photographer the right information to get the job done 

The most frustrating thing for photographers is having to sort through an unorganized collection of products. Having a product list, with UPCs, and some product descriptions will help the photographer do a couple of different things. First and foremost, they will be able to name your files accordingly during the editing process. A description will be able to help your rockstar Rooted photographer also situate your product at the perfect angle and even position your product in the right type of environment.

Know the different types of product shots that you want to have taken

Every ecommerce brand needs to think about this. There are several different types of product photography that you will need for your website. These include:

  • Single product shots: These are single items that you will showcase on your website. A white background is best because it will focus the customer’s attention on the product. 
  • Group shots: Do you have a kit or a group of products that come in a set? These will also showcase the group of products on a white background so that customers can focus their attention on the interplay of the products.
  • Lifestyle shots: This is where you put your products in an environment or include people. This is a must-have and will show how people use your products in the real world. 
  • Scale shots: These show how your product appears in terms of size in the real world. For example, if you sell a personal skin care product, a scale shot might show the product sitting on your shelf in the bathroom to give you a sense of how big it is.
  • Detail shots: You see these types of shots a lot in jewelry and perfume. These shots show the product up close and personal so you can see every detail of the product. 
  • Packaging shots: People care a lot about the packages that their products come in. Sometimes, if you have a skin care product or a sports drink, showing the packaging is often a strong impetus for people to buy. 

Getting started with product photography the right way is important

While most smartphones have great cameras, this is not the way to take product photos. You may also be tempted to hire a freelance photographer who says they do product photography on the side. If you need product photography, Rooted Creative Agency is the way to go. Here are some stats about how your product photography will impact your sales performance: 

78% of product shoppers expect the photography to bring the product to life 

If you are a store owner, that is a HUGE expectation. Rooted can help you live up to those expectations by giving you the product photos your customers deserve.

Using high-quality images can increase your sales by at least 9%

On ecommerce websites, you should get your photographer to shoot groupings of like products to help you structure out your ecommerce site. On the product pages themselves, show a plethora of different images to help tell your product’s story.

More than 90% of people expect to be able to see a 360° degree view of your product

You need to have the highest quality of photography in order to create a 360° degree view of your product. Rooted will help you take care of this, giving you the best “real life” view of your product. 

360° product photos are not that new, but it takes a certain amount of art and finesse to get it done right. 

Work with the product photography champs 

Rooted got started in the creative business with photography. After working with small business owners and large brands for more than a decade, we learned how to do product photography in a way that no one else does. All of our product photos tell the story of your product. We are a great way to get started with photos of your product. More than 90% of brands fail, but taking the time to have great product photos will help you at your brand’s activation. 

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