9 Steps To Choosing the Best Branding Agency

The stats below say it all. A creative agency, like Rooted Creative Agency in Cincinnati, knows how to do branding and branding will help you connect better with your customers. Branding is all about elevating your brand above the “other guy.” The stats say it all about why your bottom line should focus on branding:

  • A customer could need as many as 7 brand interactions before they remember a brand.
  • 48% of people make their purchasing decision on their first interaction with a brand.

Little things like your brand being trustworthy, creative, and authentic are some of the most important attributes of a brand to customers. When you are choosing a branding agency, there are a few things to think about that will help you make the right decision. Rooted Creative Agency is a branding agency based in Cincinnati that can help you connect with prospective clients and existing customers. We are one of the best branding agencies and are committed to helping you grow

1.Find Out If the Agency Has an Awesome Portfolio

You will want to take a look at some of the brands that the agency has worked with in the past. A diverse brand portfolio can help you see that. Rooted Creative is a branding agency, and a full-stack creative agency, that can help you unify your brand identity across a multitude of different channels. If you need great product photos, need a little bit of brand design work, and also want to use other media like video, you are in the right place. Branding agencies will often start from scratch with a company and deliver every creative asset in their portfolio. Everyone from private equity firms to portfolio businesses need a company like Rooted on their side to help them grow.

2. Make Them Prove It. Do They Make Their Brands “Rock?”

What has the agency done to make their brand stand out from the competition? When a branding project has been successful, a lot of credit goes to the branding agency and the creative team. Some people consider brands successful if they make a purchasing decision after the first interaction. At the end of the day, a brand is successful when it resonates with customers. A solid brand strategy will elevate a new company to success. Let Rooted be your brand agency to take you to the next level. Whether you are working with a naming agency or a graphic design firm, they will have a strong track record of taking new brands to the top.

3. Image Is Important: Dress For Success

How your brand looks is super important. Rooted Creative, a top branding agency, can help you connect your brand. Whether it’s the combination of colors that are used, or whether it’s a stunning impression, your brand connects you with your customers. Here are some stats that go along with brand identity:

  • The use of color improves the image of a brand by as much as 80%.
  • Even your brand name is an important choice; 72% of the world’s top brands are named after made up words or acronyms.
  • Brand unity is also important; brands that have consistency through their different channels enjoy 23% more revenue than brands that don’t.

Image is one part of a brand strategy that needs to be done right, no matter how long it takes. Image is everything from how your brand looks on paper to its brand naming.

4. A Creative Branding Agency Will Make Your Brand a Rock Star

Branding is more than just design and graphics. Of course, logo design is one of the first places where the branding process starts. A creative branding agency will have imaginative and creative solutions to build your audience, put your products and services on center stage, and increase your profits. A creative branding agency like Rooted Creative will be able to create everything from your logo and then take you on to the next step, whether it’s creative product photography or videography.

A good branding agency is going to be both creative and data driven. They’ll look at everything from what your competitor is doing to market and industry trends to resonate your company with its customers. Brand naming, graphic design, and overall strategy are going to help grow your brand. You want more than just a naming agency when it comes to growing your brand.

5. Branding Companies SHOULD Emotionally Connect Your Brand With Your Audience

Did you know that over 70% of brand managers and CEOs consider audience building a more important activity than generating sales. Maybe it has something to do with getting the message right the first time. The top branding agencies, like Rooted Creative, know that brand positioning is super important. 89% of consumers stay loyal to brands that share their values. Once a brand has an audience, those members will connect with that brand for a lifetime.

6. Choose the Rockstar Branding You Deserve

There are different types of branding. There is personal branding, which is important for celebrities and VIPs. Product branding with a branding company will put your goods in front of consumers and hopefully get them to buy. There are certain types of brand strategies that are well-acclimated for services. Retail branding is the brand strategy that determines what a customer experiences when they walk into a brick and mortar store. Corporate branding will involve a branding strategy that makes your company and name stand out among customers. There is also online branding and offline branding, a set of branding strategies that defines how your products look on the Internet and in the real world. Then there is the branding that will help your marketing agency take you to the next level.

7. It’s More Than Just the Logo!

Having a catchy logo is a great thing. But it takes more than a logo to build your company’s brand identity. Yes marketing materials are important, but remember that it takes 7 impressions for a customer to remember your brand.

Rooted creative Agency is a full service branding agency that does brand consulting, brand promotion, and helps you deliver a consistent brand voice across our channels.

And branding is way more than just fancy graphic and logo design. Your brand, how it looks and how it interacts with customers, is based upon your brand values, your communication strategy, and your brand’s visual identity. A brand development company like Rooted is going to be able to help you from start to finish. Our branding services, once you’ve been our client, will let you connect with clients as you do more digital marketing and audience connection endeavors in the future.

Rooted Creative Agency is more than just a graphic design team. We are a pivotal moment brand agency that will help you build your audience and keep them for as long as you are in business.

8. There’s This Thing Called Market Research…

Market research is critical in determining whether or not a brand will get off the ground. You’ve probably done some research to see if that new product you are launching is viable. You also probably have done some marketing strategy research to do things like set prices. A brand identity house will take your company’s products or services to customers in a new and exciting way and will know how that message should be relayed to your customers. Rooted Creative Agency has a talented team to make sure that your message is not only on the right track, but will resonate with customers. Branding is part of the marketing agency process that help you build a viable customer base.

9. Know What Branding Firms Do

Branding firms do a lot of different things. Some brand consultants will tell you how to position yourself with existing customers. Sometimes, an existing brands reposition is needed to bring new life to a company’s products or services. And then there are agencies that create brands. Some branding agencies will help you with a new brand identity or even your brand personality.


10. Know What Your Brand Is All About

There are certain things that go into a brand, such as its brand messaging. What do you want to stay to your customers? Maybe you make environmentally friendly products. Everything from your brand message to your brand voice has to convey this message to your audiences. But most importantly, your brand story is also super important. The people that make up your company, how they interact with customers, and the brand growth. These are your company’s values and when you convey these to your customers, they will listen. Everything from your company naming to your brand purpose will have their origins in the values that you articulate with your brand.

11.Put Your Brand In Front of the Right People

Brand positioning is how your brand sits in the mind of customers. A branding company like Rooted Creative Agency is going to help you with everything, from a stunning logo design to building a brand identity that will resonate with your customers. After you have all the assets you need, you will be able to take your brand strategy to customers, whether it is a brand activation event or a stunning video to help solidify your visual identify with customers. Rooted Creative Agency is known for its ability to create brands, but also work with an existing brand to build up positioning.

12. Go Omni-Channel With Your Brand

Social media marketing, television and radio, web development, and even a brand’s reputation…these are all different places where a top brand agency goes to work. Here are some of the stats that the best branding companies take to heart:

  • 62% of customers that engage a brand’s products and services on 10+ channels make a purchase each week.
  • Americans spend 11 hours each day with some sort of electronic media, from Facebook to streaming media, and will likely see their favorite brands at least once.
  • The vast majority of shoppers in the United States, 86% of shoppers on a minimum of two channels, will need to see a brand before they make a purchasing decision. That’s why some marketing agencies will use retargeting to bring a potential customer back.

13. Don’t Let the Challenges Get In Your Way

There are more than 30,000 brands introduced each year and about 95% of them will fail at some point. The best branding companies will help young and existing brands thrive. Some of the common challenges associated with building a brand include:

  • Not working with a branding company that will help commit to the process.
  • A lack of creativity.
  • Not focusing on brand identity or identifying those values from the onset of building the brand.
  • Skipping steps in the brand development process.
  • Launching products or services through a marketing agency before the brand foundation has been solidified.
  • Not listening to the advice of a brand consutancy.

Rooted Creative knows the importance of branding services to young companies. Knowing the importance of your brand strategies, figuring out how your brand will resonate with customers, and little steps such as laying out your brand architecture and brand guidelines, these are all important things that will help your brand thrive when it takes products and services to the market place.

14. You Want an Agency That’s Worked With the Big Guys

Some of the top branding firms are likely located in areas of the country where business thrives. Some of the top branding agencies are located in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even in the heart of the country in Cincinnati. Rooted Creative Agency is a branding agency based in Cincinnati that has worked with some of the top brands that people know, like Red Bull, Adidas, and Jurgens. As one of the top branding agencies around we know what it take to compete with the big guys.

15. It’s All About Finding the Right People

Before you start on logo design or service naming, you need to know who your customers are. You’re going to need to know your consumer preferences, have a strategic mindset, but most importantly, know that a brand stands out to customers. Knowing who your customers are is probably the most important part of any brand strategy. Knowing your target audience is not only part of your audience building, but it’s probably the most important part of your marketing strategy. A brand consultancy will help you identify your target demographics.

16. Social Media Will Help Determine Who You Are

Branding agencies don’t necessarily determine how you interact with your customers on social media, but they help lay the foundations for your brand’s visual identity and how you are perceived online. Brand strategists are definitely helping the 92% of companies with 100 or more employees who use social media. Whether your are one of the brand start ups that just launched within the last year or you are an existing brand, having a solid online presence and visual identify will help you grow if you use social media. Great branding involves everything from solid graphic design to having a great visual identity to help you grow your bottom line.

17. Know That Brand Strategy Never Ends!

The physical process of designing all the assets for your brand can take anywhere from four weeks to six months. Be in it for the long haul, as the process of building a customer base can take as long as five years before your products and services are trusted and known. Brand recognition, can take some companies decades. A brand consultant will say that building a brand will take as long as necessary.

18. It’s An Investment…

If you are working on getting quotes for branding, you could get quotes across the board, ranging from $1,000 for a freelancer to six figures to work with some of the top branding agencies in the country. Branding is an investment. The perfect branding agency is going to help you with things like brand recognition, customer loyalty, and even your digital marketing (though somewhat indirectly). Branding agencies are the most important investment a business will make. Any brand consultant will tell you that you will need to get it right the first time and there usually isn’t the chance to try again.

Work With Rooted Creative Agency

Branding companies are a dime a dozen. Some branding companies consider their job done when they have finished your logo. Rooted knows that branding agencies need to be involved at all steps of the process. After your brand has taken off, we can support you with great assets and help connect your brand with customers in ways you never thought possible. We are one of the top branding agencies around and will help you connect with customers in ways you never thought possible.

Rooted also understands that in order to be successful, brands need to think outside of the box. That’s why we have worked super hard to get you to where you need to be. For example, we have experiential marketing for after your brand has taken off. In this day and age, we like to get out in the community. In fact, 60% of customers are happy to see brands helping outside in the community during the pandemic. Some of our campaigns are designed to put your business in front of people.

 How long does it take to build a successful brand?

Building a successful brand involves many steps and can take anywhere from four weeks to six months for the physical process of designing all the assets. Additionally, it can take up to five years to build a customer base and decades for full brand recognition. 

What should I look for in a branding agency?

You want an agency that has worked with big brands and understands your target audience. They should be able to provide insight into not only your logo design or service naming but also how your visual identity will resonate with customers on social media. Lastly, you want an agency that is invested in seeing you succeed and will help you be consistent at each and every step of the way. 

How much does it cost to use a branding agency?

Branding can range from $1,000 for a freelancer to six figures for some of the top agencies in the country. It is an investment that should be taken seriously as getting it right the first time can make all the difference. The perfect branding agency will help you with things like brand recognition, customer loyalty, and even your digital marketing (though somewhat indirectly). 

What is the importance of brand consistency?

Brand consistency is essential for any business. It helps customers recognize and trust you more easily and develop a sense of loyalty towards your brand. Consistency in messaging, look and feel, values, personality, and other elements are all key factors that contribute to how well customers recognize your brand. Without consistency, it can be difficult for customers to remember or identify with your business, which could lead to decreased sales or potential opportunities being missed. Brand consistency should be reinforced each time you interact with customers in order for them to build an emotional connection with your company.

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